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Password Keeper

From each of the views you can add and edit the information being displayed.

Because of the sensitivity of the data that is stored in Password Keeper (e.g. userids and passwords) most of the account information is encoded when stored on the database.  The data isn’t encrypted but is encoded using a hashing table.  This means that the character ‘a’ isn’t stored as an ‘a’ but some other character.

When you define a category the fields are specified that it’s accounts can use.  There are predefined labels that can be used or changed.

Password Keeper



  • View the categories that you have identified
  • View the accounts that you have identified
  • Change your profile

**March 2011 - Because of a potential trademark infringement (the word Keeper is a trademark), Password Keeper is no longer available for sell.

Password Keeper provides the ability to maintain your userids and passwords.  This information, and other information are organized as Accounts. Accounts are grouped, or associated together in Categories

Password Keeper allows you to navigate to the different views of Categories and Accounts via touching images at the bottom of the application.  These images are: